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About Me

Welcome to my little online dorm! I am Barnaby, a lifestyle and fashion photographer who likes to work in coastal or urban environments with my customer - Quite the opposites I know! Normally this would entail being on the beach with surfers or clothing brands. I also have a keen eye for architecture and interiors, working with clients to achieve their bespoke request. I am further trained in traditional printmaking (BA) and sell my prints on an online store connected with this website. On top of this, I have training in graphics arts (MA) and specialise in creating bespoke business cards, leaflets and brochures with a hint of personal branding to win over your clients. I am based in Buckinghamshire and London but tell me a place, I shall be there! My style is incredibly minimalist and honest, I aim to capture the raw connections in that very moment. I love shooting on sunny days capturing natural light which can create unique shapes, shadows, contours and different perspectives, you name it. This can also be said about my architectural prints. I feel there’s beauty in being challenged by your environment. I use this philosophy across all three bespoke services I offer, especially my photography.

I see a lot of myself in my work, it’s exploratory, authentic, candid and sincere. 

Barnabys social media: 

Instagram | @barneyb_smth